Industries we work with...

Clients who use our bespoke cutting service come from numerous different industries, ranging from fashion, entertainment, sportswear, signage, automotive, product packaging, the list is endless.

What we can offer...

From cutting large sheets of media through to rolls of fabric our bespoke service can help you complete your project no matter how large or small. Our range of laser cutting machines combined with our experienced technical staff ensures we can consistently deliver high quality precision work.

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We work with fashion designers to produce dresses, costumes & decorative pieces.

Film, TV & Theatre

We produce costumes & props for TV & Theatre. Our Film clients include: Marvel, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Universal and Warner Bros.

Branding & Signage

We can offer corporate branding for signage, flags, banners and promotional products using textiles, wood, plastics and acrylic.


Automotive interiors, upholstery detailing with cutting & engraving, specialised technical fabrics, airbag production.


Sporting goods include, engraved trophies, plaques, medals & badges. Team numbers for apparel, flags
and banners.


From model making to signage or bespoke components our lasers can engrave or cut card and paper.


We have worked with numerous packaging & stationery companies producing invitations & cards.


Have an idea? Need to cut or engrave some media, then give us a call to discuss your project.

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Our large production facility has a range of Laser Cutters to suit both large and small orders on various types of media. We have flat bed lasers with built in optical and contour cut systems which allows us to cut pre-printed, woven or embroidered fabrics using registration marks.

Flatbed Lasers

Our largest FB1500 flat bed lasers have a cutting area of 1450mm x 1230mm to process large sheet materials. They can also be fitted with conveyorised beds for use with continuous rolls of fabric or shuttle beds to ensure quick turnaround times.

Opto Cut Systems

Opto cut lasers can use camera systems to pinpoint registration marks printed, woven or embroidered onto textiles to ensure a precise and perfect cut everytime.

Contour Cut Systems

Our conveyor contour cut lasers can cut dye sublimated printed pieces of fabric/textile, to a roll width of 1830mm, cuts quickly, accurately and automatically compensates for distortions in unstable fabrics.

GraphixScan Lasers

Galvo GraphixScan laser, excellent for high speed engraving, producing tonal images on plastic, wood & textiles.

If you would like more information about the range of Laser Cutters we can supply then visit