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  • Is there a minimum order?

    We do have a minimum order of £45 + VAT. However, quotes are provided depending on the design size & complexity, quantity required and media to be cut/engraved, therefore it is best to contact us directly with your design and project details so we can provide an accurate price.

  • Is there a Design Setup Cost?

    Our standard design set up charge, for setting up a design to be cut or engraved is £45 + VAT.

  • How much is postage/delivery?

    This will vary depending on the size & weight of the package.

  • Can I see a sample of my design laser cut or engraved before ordering?

    Yes, we can either send a photograph via email or a physical sample via First Class post.

  • Can I send in my own products/media to be cut or engraved?

    Yes you can, it is always best policy to have a test sample cut first.

  • Do you supply any materials?

    The only materials we supply are textile applique fabrics.


  • Can your machines cut metal?

    No, our lasers cannot be used for cutting metals, we use C02 lasers, which are not powerful enough to cut metal.

  • What is the biggest cutting area available?

    Our biggest cutting areas are 1830mm wide x infinite, this size is a conveyor laser so for fabrics any length. For solid materials, wood, acrylics etc. 1830mm x 978mm or 1455mm x 1230mm.

  • Can I send a roll of fabric to be cut and what is the maximum roll width I can use?

    Yes you can, the max. roll width is 1830mm.

  • Can you apply an adhesive backing to my fabrics?

    Yes we can, as long as your fabric isn’t oil based.

  • Can you cut out pre-printed or pre-woven badges/shapes?

    Yes we can, to speed up the process it’s always best to include registration marks, these can be added during the printing or weaving process.

  • Can a precise cut/engraving be achieved on small and intricate designs?

    Yes, our lasers and highly skilled technicians can consistently produce high quality, precision work to produce intricate designs with fine detailing.

  • Do you sell laser cutting & engraving machines?

    Yes, as well as offering our bespoke cutting service, we can also supply lasers cutters, please contact our Sales Team on 0115 8448000.


  • What file format should I use to send my design?

    We would recommend you send your design in AI, PDF or DXF format.

  • What is your turn around time from when I place my order?

    Typically 4-5 working days.

  • What is the maximum thickness of wood I can have laser cut?

    Our lasers can cut wood up to 15mm thick, but only to a size of 700mm 800mm, for more denser woods it can cut up to 10mm thick.

  • What is the maximum thickness of acrylic I can have laser cut?

    Our lasers can cut acrylic from 1mm to 15mm thick.

  • If I supply an artwork, can you create my design/cut file for me?

    Yes, however this would incur a set up cost which starts at £45 + VAT.

  • Will I see a sample of my design before production begins?

    Always, we can post or email a photograph of the sample produced.

  • Can I order outside of the UK?

    Yes, however a courier/collection would need to be arranged by yourself with the relevant custom forms etc.

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