GS UK Laser Cutting & Engraving

Specialists in bespoke laser cutting & engraving for over 25 years.
You supply the design and we can cut/engrave it with precision.

Our strength lies in...

Flat bedlaser cutting machines

High quality, precision made machines.

High speedgalvo laser cutters

Rapid speed lasers, ideal for engraving.

Skilledlaser cutting technicians

Knowledgeable & highly experienced.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

We offer a bespoke laser cutting & engraving service on a range of media to suit your needs. Our laser cutters are unable to cut metals, glass fibre or PVC.

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Nick Bamford

Sales & Accounts Executive
AutoPot Global Ltd

“We have been working alongside GS UK for our laser cutting requirements for over 15 years now, and have had a very close working relationship with Simon and Julie ever since we first started trading. In this time, we have never had any issues with GS UK, their customer service is exemplary, we have never had any issues with our inventory, the end product is always of the highest quality, and there is always a prompt turnaround time with order requirements. We would not hesitate to recommend GS UK to anyone who needed an efficient, reliable and experienced laser cutting service.”


Erin Jay Shaw

Senior Embroider
Godfrey Sports

“Godfrey Sports have used GS UK for many years, their exceptional quality service for embroidery and print, including the laser cutting team have always gone above and beyond to ensure a speedy turn around for us, thank you Julie. With a keen eye and attention to detail their expertise is outstanding.”


Alison Evans


“When I started paper cutting in 2012, I asked Julie Spooner at GSUK Ltd. how to recreate my hand cut paper art with laser technology. Right from the start, Julie and the team have been incredibly helpful and with their expertise, my hand cut paper creations are laser cut to make cards, mounted and framed artwork, all from the original hand cut designs. Thank you.”